San Vicente Long Beach

Land Area- 8,000 sqms.
Location - Nagtabon, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Selling Price  - US$ 1,200,000 dollars


                                      Land Area       - 8,000 square meters
                                      Location          - Nagtabon, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
                                      Selling Price   - US$ 1,200,000 dollars

A beach front property with high potential for a luxury beach hotel or a luxury residential estate. Located in a secluded enclave, the property is 
just footsteps away from the beach.  Nagtabon Beach is one of the popular tourist spot in Puerto Princesa City. It is a 45 minutes drive from the 
City. It is located in Bacungan, one the north of Puerto Princesa. The beach boast of a white sand beach with crystal clear waters. It has a 
breathtaking view of the South China Sea. 

The property is about 33 kilometers from the airport and estimated travel time of 35-45 minutes from the center of Puerto Princesa City, capital 
of Palawan in the Philippines. A private hospital, a state university, government offices, restaurants and hotels are only 45 minutes away from 
the property.

Puerto Princesa is a tropical paradise perfect for nature lovers and adventurous travelers. Considered the largest city in the country, it received 
the Hall of Fame Award for having been declared as the cleanest and greenest component city in the Philippines for three years in a row. 

Palawan, a relatively peaceful province, is considered the Last Frontier of the Philippines. It is a sanctuary to an amazing variety of fauna and 
flora found nowhere else in the world. As the country’s largest province with its coastline stretching almost 2,000 kilometers long, indented by 
numerous coves and bays.


Location - San Isidro, Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan
Land Area - 10 hectares
Price - P 4,000 per sqm.

This 10-hectare prime beach property also seats in the heart of Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines. The only remaining large parcel of land in the long beach area having the potential to be developed as a world class beach resort.

It is excellent for a beach resort complex as it seats next to properties of known and branded resort hotels such as Discovery Shores, Megaworld Corp., Century Properties and other branded resort companies.


Location - San Isidro, Long Beach, San Vicente, Palawan
Land Area - 3.9 hectares
Price - P 4,000 per sqm.

This property seats in what is dubbed as "The Longest Beach in the Philippines", better known as simply the "Long Beach" in San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines. It is only 15 minutes travel by car from the new San Vicente Airport.

San Vicente "Long beach" is being perceived to out shadow the island of boracay in the coming years mainly because of its great potential and the natural characteristics of the area.


Location - Gutob Bay, Busuanga, Palawan
Land Area - 1.7 hectares
Price - P 15 million pesos

Located in the next Bahamas of the Philippines. This property seats right in the heart of Busuanga bay, home to the world class resort "Huma Island Resort". This property is just few meters away from Huma Island.

To reach this beach property, you just need to travel 45 minutes from Busuanga airport and another 45 minutes boat ride to the island. This beach property is a portion of an island known as Popototan.


Location - Gutob Bay, Busuanga, Palawan
Land Area - 2.8 hectares
Price - P 12 million pesos

A beach property situated in one of the most secluded and secured area of Busuanga Bay, it is fully fenced and secured. It is now ready for development as it already secured permits from the government for establishment of a resort.

To reach the beach property, one has to travel 45 minutes from Busuanga Airport to Concepcion seaport, and from the port, it will only take 40 minutes boat ride to reach this paradise beach.